Welcome to The Sport of Drag Boat Racing!

Whether spectator or sponsor, “Welcome”, to one of the “fastest growing” sports of our era.
Drag Boat racing has come a “long way” since the first official race at Hart Park,
California in 1956. Not only has horsepower and speed increased dramatically, but also some of the most beautiful water machines in the World are found taking a trip down the “Liquid 1/4 Mile”!
At these sanctioned events, competitors arrive from every part of the country in full array to do battle. Every team focused and continually searching for an idea or product that will give them the winning edge.
There is a unique factor which makes drag boat racing truly a spectator sport. Spectators are allowed to roam through the pit areas at no charge. This allows close up, first hand viewing of teams in action, thrashing between rounds. It also provides the opportunity to meet the racing team members and purchase souvenirs such as caps, T-shirts, and photographs.
Every newcomer to any sport is generally brimming with questions. Here are some answers to the most often asked questions at the races.
. How much do these boats costs? Generally, engines cost 50 to 100 thousand dollars in pro classes. A race ready boat, less the engine, costs about 40 to 60 thousand. Include: trailers, tow vehicles, fuel, spare parts and equipment and you realize a substantial investment.
. How fast do drag boats go? There are various categories and types of
Drag boats. There are entry-level boats, which run 80-90mph. whereas a nitro-methane burning top fuel hydro can run over 260 mph in less than 4 seconds.
. How much horsepower do these boats have? In Pro classes horsepower can range from 2500hp to over 10,000hp.
. How many types of boats are there? There are three basic types of boats: Hydros - pure race boats, Flat bottoms - designed like a ski boat, Jets - any boat that derives its propulsion from a pump on the rear of the boat.

If you have an interest in racing, boats, powerful engines, awesome paint schemes, close up entertainment, you’ve got to go to a drag boat race!

Come feel the thunder of the Liquid 1/4 Mile. Everything else is Just Details!!!

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